MicroCHEM is a textile solution provider, catering sustainable products based on Innovative Chemistry. Our endeavour is to develop products that can help in saving process time, water, steam, electricity, and process cycles.

“Sustainability is not only an internal part of our strategy it is the essence of our existence.”


About Us

MicroCHEM, founded in 2002, has advanced manufacturing
infrastructure and state of the art R & D set-up. We improve our products from time to time incorporating customer feedback as well as through in house R & D.

We have an assortment of vessels of various capacities
ranging up to 6 MT.

Our team understands the customer and market needs and provide the best technical support to our associates to improve their quality with an increase in productivity.

We wish to achieve our vision by developing a long term healthy business relationship with all our associates by following ethical business principles. For us, the essence of customer satisfaction means maintaining consistent quality at the most competitive price.

We are a team of professionals, happy to assist..... Whatever your needs and strive in......


Our Corporate Clients


As an exporter and supplier to many corporate houses, MicroCHEM is committed to striking a balance between business development and environmental protection.

Our environmental commitments and goals are
embedded in our mission, strategy and code of business conduct, and we are committed to run our business in a long-term sustainable manner.

We are aware of our obligations to our environment and make all-out efforts to produce safe and sustainable products. We focus to promote continuous improvement towards sustainable change with our chemistry. We understand the importance of sustainable manufacturing practices.

The products and procedures which we provide to our customers help to achieve sustainable action while conserving energy and natural resources.

At MicroCHEM, we have restricted the use of hazardous
substances since inception.

MicroCHEM is committed to the environment responsibility and recognize the importance of the health protection of the community, clients and employees.